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                            ARE LAB TESTED AND FIELD PROVEN
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We provide lab tested, field proven fasteners used in the commercial roofing industry

High Quality Roofing Fasteners

TIP-TOP® Screw Manufacturing, Inc. has been supplying the roofing industry with roofing fasteners since 1999.  


TIP-TOP roofing fasteners are used in the commercial roofing industry across America. 

Our FM approval certifies that our fasteners meet high winds and the corrosive conditions commonly found on roof decks. Our roofing screws can also be used to attach roofing insulation as well as both vinyl and metal edge details. TIP-TOP roofing screws are made up to 12" in length.

Our top selling Roof-Top #14 heavy-duty fasteners and Roof-Top #12 multi-purpose fasteners are:

  • Perfect for single-ply, built-up and modified roofing installations.
  • Used in attaching insulation, plastic, metal plates, and batten bars to metal and wood roof decks.
  • Manufactured using carbon steel.
  • Coated with POWERCRON® 8000 epoxy for unsurpassed corrosion resistance to environmental pollutants that cause rust.

#12 Roof Fastener Spec Data Sheet
#14 Roof Fastener Spec Data Sheet

Made in the USA


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