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Lab tested, field proven fasteners for concrete block, brick, wood, steel, plastic, and insulation applications

Tip-Crete #14 Concrete Fasteners

Our Tip-Crete #14 fasteners are easy to install for many applicationsTip-Crete #14 high quality fasteners are the best choice for any concrete block or brick application. Tip-Crete #14 fasteners can secure all types of materials including wood, steel, plastic, and insulation to concrete surfaces.
Tip-Crete’s full contour truss head features a low-profile design for better appearance and function. This low-profile design makes Tip-Crete perfect for areas requiring a flush finish such as basement walls, offices, and decks. Pre-drilling required. Available in lengths ranging from 1.25” to 8”.  Custom lengths up to 12” are available upon request based on volume.

Tip-Crete #14 fasteners are:

  • Perfect for single-ply, built-up, and modified roofing installations.
  • Manufactured using carbon steel.
  • Coated with Powercron® 8000 epoxy for unsurpassed corrosion resistance.
  • Reversible and can be removed.
  • Engineered for reduced breakage.
  • Easy to install.


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