Electro-Coating Capabilities 

Utilizing the Therma-Tron X, Econ E-Coat™ system, TIP-TOP® provides basket and rack cathodic electrodeposited
coating services capable of finishing small bulk parts and irregularly-shaped metal products. 
POWERCRON® 8000 is an electrodeposited black epoxy coating that imparts superior corrosion resistance and excellent edge coverage without the use of heavy metals. This environmentally-friendly finish contains ultra-low volatile organic content that is lead-free and does not emit Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS).

TIP-TOP’s in-line 12-stage zinc pre-treatment system utilizes alkaline cleaners that attach a micro-crystalline pre-coat layer, helping promote superior paint adhesion.  Powercron 8000 coating thicknesses range between .7 and 1.2 mils.

POWERCRON 8000 Features:
  • Superior corrosion-resistance, up to 30 Kesternich cycles.
  • Uniform coating of recesses minimizes filling or bridging.
  • Evenly-applied coating with consistent thickness eliminates the sags and drips problematic with other paint processes.
  • POWERCRON 8000 contains no HAPS and will not contribute to hydrogen embrittlement.



Econ E-Coat is a trademark of Therma-Tron X, Inc.
POWERCRON® 8000 is a registered trademark of PPG Industries.

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