Quality Standards

TIP-TOP® Screw Manufacturing knows that taking steps to improve the quality and performance of the “little things” like fasteners can have a big impact on your profitability. That is why TIP-TOP's total start-to-finish in-house manufacturing process includes a comprehensive 16-point quality control process.  These internal controls, along with Kesternich testing, assure consistent application of the POWERCRON® 8000 finish.

In accordance with DIN Specification 50018, we randomly test our products for corrosion resistance to 30 Kesternich cycles (30-year life equivalent).

TIP-TOP is proud to offer:

  • Precise specifications with short lead time
  • E-coating services that deliver superior corrosion resistance 
  • Full product traceability




POWERCRON® 8000 is a registered trademark of PPG Industries.

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